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anielle reid little pioneer cider house

Anielle Reid

"As an Americana artist and banjoist, lacking knowledge of musical descriptors and music theory Craig still understood me; my music, me as an artist, and my potential. By working with Craig I have a beautiful and professional album that I am proud of and that allows me to connect with and make more fans. I am so excited to have worked with him on my first record and can’t wait to make more!"

soapbox army little pioneer cider house

Dan Tucker

"Working with Craig has been a great experience. The whole vibe in his music studio is just so relaxed and conducive to creating. The fact that Craig is not only a producer, but also a musician, is what makes working with him even better. He not only made my songs sound great, but he added more textures to the songs to bring them to a new level. He has great sensibilities when it comes to music and understands what makes a song good."

sarah phillips little pioneer cider house

Sara Phillips

"I had the best time working with Craig! He is incredibly patient and helpful, and makes you feel so comfortable right away - which was great, especially when I first started recording. He is extremely professional and one of the most creative people I've worked with. I'm so proud of the way the music I've recorded with him has turned out and I owe so much of that to him. Thank you Craig!!"

stephen leonard little pioneer cider house

Stephen Leonard

"Working with Craig at Little Pioneer Cider House has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my 11-year music career. He is an intuitive, open-minded, patient and innovative producer that understands music and sounds in ways I could never vocalize. Craig can take a simple idea or skeleton of a song and turn it into something magical."

wendy ho little pioneer cider house

Wendy Ho

"Lil Pioneer has been a creative catalyst and all around pimp for dis ho! He’s a songwriting, producing, engineering, every instrument playing, comedic dynamo!"

julia massey little pioneer cider house

Julia Massey

"Craig is the kind of person who strikes that incredible balance between support and challenge as a friend. Luckily, he is also recording my music! I have never felt more confident in my sound, or in my ability to create and change as an artist. His experience with his trade is unlike anything else I've experienced, and his love and enthusiasm for the history and future of music is contagious and eye-opening."

dell wells little pioneer cider house

Dell Wells

"I came into the Cider House Music Studio as a impulsive rapper who had the ability but not the discipline. 50+ songs later and I am a seasoned songwriter and have the tools to construct a well thought out song. I learned these tricks of the trade from Craig Levy aka Little Pioneer. if you want to challenge yourself to be better, if you want to be original and bring something breathtaking and real to the listening audience then my advice to you is PAY ATTENTION and learn from the GURU."

nehedar little pioneer cider house


"Craig is a breath of fresh air in terms of creative support. He is thoroughly professional and able to interpret anything I bring to him. I am amazed every time I listen to the tracks we made together and I have recommended him to several friends."

hannah kane little pioneer cider house

Hannah Kane


"Craig is awesome to work with. He's very knowledgeable about the technical stuff (without making beginners feel stupid), but also is great to talk to about songwriting, performance fears, and the creative process in general. Good times, no pretense."

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