My Work

  • Selected Production

    10 Song playlist covering many of the styles I produce. Please contact me if your style isn't on here and I can check to see what I have that's in a similar world to send to you.

  • Before and After Tracks

    A playlist spotlighting 5 songs from their demo versions to their fully produced versions.

  • Vocals Only

    Volume 1 of a mixtape series of 14 hip hop and r&b tracks that I just recorded vocals for, then mixed them to fit well with the already mixed instrumental.

  • Artist Videos

    Youtube playlist of over 150 videos of songs I've had a hand in over the past 15 years, from completely creating the music around an acapella to just recording vocals.

  • Licensed Tracks

    Over the past 7 years I've also been doing a bit of licensing for TV. Here's a playlist of over 150 tracks that have been placed in 18 countries.

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