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$30/hr Studio Time          

Songs I've produced, written, engineered and mixed here have been licensed to: NBC, MTV, VH1, American Express, Red Bull, AT&T, Comedy Central, Showtime, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), Lifetime, PBS, Bravo, National Geographic Channel, History Channel, Animal Planet, TV Land, TLC, E! and more:



  • production in many genres: rock, pop, R&B, acoustic, electronic, hip hop, reggae
  • instrumentation: I can play guitar, bass, keyboards (with a TON of authentic sounds including orchestral instruments, hundreds of world instruments, cool old organs & synths), program real sampled drums (that sound REAL) and sample/cut up any records you bring
  • songwriting help: I can make music around acapellas and help create and hone lyrics and melodies
  • arranging: help with song structure, what instruments are best for each song and harmonies
  • mixing: vocal pitch correction; I can mix what I produce but I can also mix outside sessions
  • mastering: making songs a competitive volume, EQing and a little pixie dust
  • Also now offering voice over reels with original music beds
                                                                                                                                                                       An interview with yours truly: http://musiciancoaching.com/music-business/home-recording-1/


    I can produce, mix, master and flesh out your songs in my comfortable loft recording studio, located in Clinton Hill, only six subway stops into Brooklyn from NYC (and one block from Pratt Institute).  All sessions are one on one (no assistants), which equals one unified goal: creating the coolest music we can, and only doing what’s best for each song.

    I have new school gear and software but old school production sensibilities so I’m interested in more than just setting up the mics and recording: I like to spend some time discussing what you hear in your head and/or your ideal sound and we will make that happen...but there’s no need for a fully realized “grand plan” either: by getting to know you and the music you love I can craft music that “fits” you, in any genre. It’s always completely collaborative, loose and fun.

    My artists have produced full-length records, had their songs featured on network and cable TV, created videos and toured around the country... but ultimately they all just want to come in to record because they love it.  I’m honored to say that I’m a full time producer and I take as much care with my artists' songs as if they were my own because I’m also an artist.




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