I can produce, mix, master and play almost any instrument to flesh out your songs in my comfortable Manhattan music recording studio. I'm fortunate enough to get to do this as my full-time job and I've honored that by dedicating my life to making my artist's musical dreams come true.

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Sometimes the work just speaks for itself! Check out some of the tracks I've had the pleasure of working on.

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My artists have produced full-length records, had their music featured on network and cable TV, charted in Billboard, created videos and toured around the country... but ultimately they all just want to come in to record because they love it.

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Let's sit down and discuss your ideas. Start by sending me an email, and we can take it from there.

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My music recording studio is in Soho at 59 Franklin Street, close to almost every train line. Additonal Questions? Email me (Craig Levy) craig@littlepioneer.com or call (917) 535-4529. I look forward to hearing from you!